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Spacial decompositions and graphs (VORONOI)

Spacial Decompositions and Graphs (short nickname: VORONOI) is a collaborative research project. It involves 8 partners from 6 different countries, and it is part of the EuroGIGA program of the European Science Foundation (ESF).


Aims and Objectives

The objects of investigation are
  1. Voronoi diagrams and related Voronoi-like partitions of space
  2. Skeletal structures and proximity graphs
These structures are interrelated in a twofold sense. On the one hand, there is a direct geometric link between them, stemming from their definition as distance-based spatial structures. On the other hand, they share common features which allow their joint investigation on a higher level.

The aim of the project is to make Voronoi diagrams and similar spatial decompositions applicable in greater generality,even beyond finite-dimensional spaces, and to explore realms that have been intractable so far. Through the research on Voronoi-type diagrams and related structures, we aim to unify existing results and approaches to distance-based graphs and skeletal structures, and thereby make progress in the analysis and construction of good networks.

Midterm Report, December 2012, including publication list

Individual Projects

IP1 - Advanced Voronoi structures and Delaunay structures

Project Leader: Franz Aurenhammer, TU Graz, Austria.

IP2 - Medial axis computation; geometric approximation

Project leader: Bert Jüttler, JKU Linz, Austria.

AP3 - Geometric spanner graphs and geometric networks

Project leader: Stefan Langerman , ULB, Brussels, Belgium.

IP4 - Voronoi diagrams for shape matching

Project leaders: Helmut Alt and Günter Rote, FU Berlin, Germany.

IP5 - Abstract Voronoi diagrams; area of Voronoi regions

Project leader: Rolf Klein, U Bonn, Germany.

IP6 - Neighborhood graphs for large point sets

Project leader: Miroslaw Kowaluk, U Warsaw, Poland.

IP7 - Hausdorff Voronoi diagrams for clusters of objects; higher-order Voronoi diagrams for curves

Project leader: Evanthia Papadopoulou, U Lugano, Switzerland.

IP8 - Voronoi diagrams for vision angles; triangulations and quadrangulations with structural constraints

Project leader: Alberto Márquez, U Sevilla, Spain.

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