VORONOI kick-off meeting in Lugano, Oct 7-11, 2011

The proposed format for the meeting

5 days, starting afternoon of Friday, Oct 7, and finishing at noon on Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011.

Each IP/AP gives a small introduction (state of the art, open problems), and then we gather in small groups and start to work on these problem. The idea is to get going, have first ideas, that would be deepened in individual visits. A first tentative schedule is given below. There are three blocks of "lectures", followed by blocks research sessions. Since the focus of this workshop (according to the proposal) is on abstract Voronoi diagrams, the three IPs in this area are given a head-start. The schedule below is unrealistic for two reasons: (a) we want to schedule an excursion on day 3, in the afternoon or perhaps over lunch. (b) perhaps not everybody can come and attend according to this schedule, given that it is not so far away. (Bert Jüttler already indicated it would be very difficult for him to attend). Also, it might be better not to spread the effort over too many different topics, and perhaps we should split off for example the two "networks"-oriented IPs (Langerman and Kowaluk) to another meeting. (Maybe they can give their introduction on day 5, so we would not work on these topics at the workshop but we can think about them on the way home.)

I am expecting about 2-3 people per IP, so we would be a small group; and could also rearrange the schedule flexibly according to need.

Comment from Bert: The Austrian participants (Bert, Franz, Birgit, Wolfgang, Gernot) will arrive on Friday evening by train. If possible, we would prefer if the topics of "general interest" (such as presentations of the participating groups) could be postponed to Saturday. Sorry for the inconvenience!
draft schedule
Friday 7 Saturday 8 Sunday 9 Monday 10 Tuesday 11
9:00-10:30 - F. Aurenhammer/Aigner/Walzl B. Jüttler/B. Strotthoff
11:00-12:30 -(arrival)- R A. Márquez (30 min)
S. Langerman R
14:00-15:30 R. Klein G. Rote/H. Alt Excursion
M. Kowaluk (30 min)

E.Papadopoulou/ C.H. Liu


16:30 project meeting
Excursion R -
R = research session

A business meeting, for discussing the project and planned activities, takes place on Saturday afternoon.


The meeting will be held in the Main Building, University of Lugano (USI), Via G. Buffi 13, Lugano. Room 351 (1st day), Rooms 402, 250 (following days).

Lecture Program (tenative)

  • R. Klein: State of the art in abstract Voronoi diagrams (90 min)
  • E. Papadopoulou: Hausdorff and higher order Voronoi diagrams (90 min)
  • F. Aurenhammer (Graz): Introduction on Advanced Voronoi structures and Delaunay structures, 30 min (not on Friday)
  • Wolfgang Aigner (Graz): 30 min
  • Gernot Walzl (Graz): 30 min
  • B. Jüttler (Linz): Applied Geometry @ JKU (30 min, not on Friday)
  • B. Strodthoff (JKU Linz): Horizontal Decomposition of Triangulated Solids for Simulation of Dip-Coating Processes (30 min, not on Friday)
  • A. Márquez: (open problems, 30 min)
  • G. Rote: Spatial decompositions and Voronoi diagrams in shape matching (60 min)
  • S. Langerman: (title)
  • M. Kowaluk: (β-skeletons, 30 min)

Slides of the Lectures (-> KickoffSlides)

Minutes of the Business Meeting (-> KickoffBusinessMeetingMinutes)

Discussion about the format of the meeting

The purposes of the meeting:
  1. get to know each other, and present a survey of the research agenda, open problems, recent advances, in a few lectures
  2. discuss about all administrative things related to the CRP (with the project leaders)
  3. start doing research together, which is to be continued in further visits on an individual bases.
Each group will perhaps come with the project leaders plus a couple of graduate students (or PostDocs), and so we will not be too many participants, around 20 perhaps. If there are too few participants, we can think of opening up participation (in a limited way) to the other EuroGIGA projects, in particular ComPoSe. (Two of us, AP3/Brussels and IP4/Berlin, are also involved in ComPoSe, and maybe we can count IP1/Graz too, but with a different project leader (Oswin Aichholzer))

List of Participants

IP1 - Advanced Voronoi structures and Delaunay structures, Graz

  • Franz Aurenhammer, TU Graz, Austria
  • Wolfgang Aigner
  • Gernot Walzl

IP2 - Medial axis computation; geometric approximation, Linz

  • Bert Jüttler, JKU Linz, Austria
  • Birgit Strodthoff, JKU Linz, Austria

AP3 - Geometric spanner graphs and geometric networks, Brussels

  • Stefan Langerman
  • Jean Cardinal
  • Matias Korman

IP4 - Voronoi diagrams for shape matching, Berlin

  • Günter Rote, FU Berlin, Germany.
  • Rafel Jaume (Ph.D. student)

IP5 - Abstract Voronoi diagrams; area of Voronoi regions, Bonn

  • Rolf Klein, U Bonn, Germany.
  • Cecilia Bohler, U Bonn, Germany

IP6 - Neighborhood graphs for large point sets, Warsaw

  • Miroslaw Kowaluk, U Warsaw, Poland.

IP7 - Hausdorff Voronoi diagrams for clusters of objects; higher-order Voronoi diagrams of polygonal objects, Lugano

  • Evanthia Papadopoulou, U Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Maksym Zavershynskyi, U Lugano, Switzerland
  • Panos Cheilaris, U Lugano, Switzerland
  • Chih-Hung Liu, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

IP8 - Voronoi diagrams for vision angles; triangulations and quadrangulations with structural constraints, Spain

  • Alberto Marquez, Univ. Sevilla (Spain)
  • ... ?

Registration and Social Event

Please enter the names of all participants on the wiki. If there is any last minute change please send a note to evanthia.

Registration fee: 50 CHF (thanks to sponsoring from USI) which can be paid in cash during the meeting. It includes coffee-breaks, social event, and lunch on Saturday.

Excursion/dinner on Sunday Oct 9, 15:00-22:30, at Monte Generoso ( www.montegeneroso.ch). It includes a 1:30 hour hike on the mountain (which you can avoid if you prefer).

Travel Information


  • Milano-Malpensa Airport. 80km away from Lugano (1-1.5 hours by bus). The easiest way to reach Lugano is by Bus. The bus departs every 2 hours. The bus schedule. The bus arrives at the Lugano train station.
    NOTE: I will go from Malpensa to Lugano by car on Oct 7 in the morning around 9:30, and can take 4 people; if you are interested, write your name (and arrival time) here. 1) Matias Korman, to arrive at 8:15, 2) Rolf Klein and 3) Cecilia Bohler, to arrive at 8:20 +4) Rafel Jaume, at 8:45. Here is my mobile# +491626625100 -- GuenterRote - 2011-09-04
  • Zurich Airport. 3 hours by Train. From Zurich Flughafen station to Lugano station. You need to change the train at Zurich HB, and possibly at Arth-Goldau.
  • Lugano-Airport - located in Agno (6km from Lugano town center). Lugano-airport can be reached by Bus, Train or Taxi.
Here you can find the train timetable.


Lugano map#1, map#2.

From Lugano's train station you can come to USI in 3 ways:
  1. Take bus # 2 to bus stop “Palazzo Studi”, then walk north (opposite to the lake) to the USI main building (Via G. Buffi 13) (5-10 mins walk).
  2. Take bus # 2 to “Lugano centro”, then change to bus #3, exit to bus stop “Sacro Cuore”, and walk east on via Buffi (3 mins walk).
  3. Take the funicular down to the centre of town, weave your way under porticoes and shop-lined streets either all the way to USI (15-20 mins walk) or to the bus terminal “Lugano centro” from where you can catch bus #3 exiting at “Sacro Cuore” at the corner of via Buffi.
At bus stops you can use francs or euro coins for the ticket.

Bus lines map. Bus schedule.


Hotel name Stars Web Cost Single (CHF)
Cost double (CHF)
Cost Superior (CHF)
GRAND HOTEL VILLA CASTAGNOLA ***** www.villacastagnola.com 350 (double/single occupancy) 450
HOTEL LIDO SEEGARTEN **** http://www.hotellido-lugano.com/ 140 (mountain view)
180 (lakeview)
260 (mountain view)
300 (lakeview)

HOTEL ZURIGO *** http://www.hotelzurigo.ch/ 90 140 140 (single)/
190 (double)
HOTEL CERESIO *** http://www.hotelceresio.ch/ 90-138 110-180
ALBERGO PESTALOZZI ** http://www.pestalozzi-lugano.ch/ 110
144 (double/single occupancy)
HOTEL LUGANO DANTE **** www.hotel-luganodante.com 226
262 (double/single occupancy)

HOTEL FEDERALE *** http://www.hotel-federale.ch/ 140
180 (double/single occupancy)
HOTEL WALTER AU LAC *** www.walteraulac.ch 151
199 (double/single occupancy)
http://www.continentalparkhotel.ch/ 150 200
HOTEL ATLANTICO http://www.atlanticolugano.ch/ 130 151
HOTEL DE LA PAIX **** http://www.delapaix.ch/ 185

Best Western HOTEL BELLEVUE AU LAC **** www.hotelbellevue.ch

240 (double/single occupancy)
HOTEL DU LAC **** www.dulac.ch 200 310 340
HOTEL DELFINO *** http://www.delfinolugano.ch 200 (double/single occupancy) 250
HOTEL DISCHMA PARADISO *** www.hotel-dischma.ch 88 150
HOTEL INTERNATIONAL AU LAC *** http://www.hotel-international-au-lac-lugano.ch/ 185

HOTEL VICTORIA AU LAC *** http://www.victoriahotel.ch/ 130

HOTEL BESSO http://www.hotelbesso.ch/ 90-130 130-180

very near USI (5-10 mins walk)
walking distance from USI (10-15mins walk)
a little bit further -- may require a bus


More travel information.</a
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