Minutes of the Project Meeting in Lugano

October 8, 16:30-17:30
  1. Status Reports from the IPs and AP
    All IPs are now funded. Alberto Márquez (Spain) received the confirmation letter last week
  2. INFO: ESF, Budget, Reporting
    Slides and Budget Table from the ESF administrative kickoff meeting are distributed separately.
    Please remind all your project participants (in particular junior students) about the funding for cross-CRP visits. see ShortTermVisit
    All publications resulting from the project will have to be reported, with particular attention to cross-IP and cross-CRP coauthorship. (The form how this information is collected is to be decided).
  3. (An item which I forgot to discuss is the communication within the project. I propose to have a mailing list where all project participants can subscribe.)
  4. Planned activities:
    1. At the level of VORONOI
      1. Lugano (kickoff, topic: abstract Voronoi diagrams / general): OK
      2. Graz: (topic: zone diagrams) fall 2012, in the vineyards, late September
      3. Bonn: (spanners) fall 2013, in the vineyards?
      4. Berlin: final meeting, before June 2014 / before May 2014 ?? (possible conflict with final EuroGIGA conference in Feb 2014)
    2. For your information: ComPoSe-Workshop in Graz, April 16-20, 2012
    3. At the level of EUROGIGA (only as far as it is interesting for VORONOI, see EuroGIGAEvents for the full list).
      There is networking budget for these activities in the EuroGIGA budget.
      1. March 22, 2012. 1 day after Assisi, <= 50 participants
        suggested format: about 1-2 talks per CRP (Voronoi, ComPoSe, GraDr?) about new results, space for discussion and research
      2. July 2012, EUROGIGA conference, Prague (All CRPs should present themselves.)
      3. Summer 2012, Computers in Scientific Discovery, Slovenia (Might be interesting from the point of view of computer-assisted research)
      4. March 2013, 1 day after EuroCG Braunschweig (Voronoi, ComPoSe)
      5. July 2013, 1 week joint VORONOI/ComPoSe meeting Graz
      6. February 2014, EUROGIGA conference, Berlin (All CRPs should present themselves.)
    4. Visits to other CRPs are encouraged and funded separately, see ShortTermVisit
  5. Webpage:
    The wiki pages will serve as project webpages, despite their "unfinished" look and lack of protection against unauthorized modifications. (It is possible to restrict the access if needed.) Everybody is encouraged to add contents about his/her own IP or AP
  6. Logo: Franz Aurenhammer will prepare a logo based on a Voronoi diagram, perhaps based on the geographical sites of the project. Mirek Kowaluk suggested to add the Delaunay edges, to highlight the "connections" among the sites as opposed to the boundaries that are shown in the Voronoi diagram.
    Note GraDR made a logo based on the same principle, see http://kam.mff.cuni.cz/gradr/index.html
-- GuenterRote - 2011-10-11
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