Graphs in Geometry and Algorithms (EuroGIGA)

EuroGIGA combines four multinational Collaborative Research Projects (CRPs) within the EUROCORES (EUROpean COllaborative RESearch) program of the European Science Foundation (ESF):
  • ComPoSe: Combinatorics of point sets and arrangements of objects. Project leader: Oswin Aichholzer, Graz
  • VORONOI: Spacial decompositions and graphs. Project leader: Günter Rote, Berlin
  • GraDR: Graph drawings and representations. Project leader: Jan Kratochvíl, Prague
  • GReGAS: Geometric representations and symmetries of graphs, maps and other discrete structures and applications in science. Project leader: Tomaž Pisanski, Ljubljana
Each Collaborative Research Project combines individual projects (IP) and associated partners (AP, without funding through the ESF) from different countries. These projects started around the middle of the year 2011 and lasted for three years. The last activities extended to mid-2015. For more information about the background of EuroGIGA, see the EuroGIGA website at ESF.

There is more information about events and activities; see also the web pages of the 4 projects.

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