EuroGIGA Session in Assisi, on Thursday March 22, 2012

directly after EuroCG, the European Workshop on Computational Geometry, March 19-21, 2012, Assisi (Italy)

This workshop is supported, in part, by the European Science Foundation (ESF) under the EUROCORES Programme EuroGIGA.

The proposed format for the meeting

lecture hall in the Cittadella for < 50 participants. about 1-2 talks per CRP (Voronoi, ComPoSe, GraDr) about new results, space for discussion and research. We may open the registration for other interested participants if there is space.

EuroGIGA will sponsor lunch and coffe breaks on Thursday, and partially support travel expenses for EuroGIGA members.

The Cittadella offers bedrooms of four types (single, double, triple and family). The cost of the rooms ranges from 50 € (for a single) to 120 € (for a family), and includes breakfast. Since the accommodation at the Cittadella provides basic-level rooms, several hotels near to the conference location are also available. These hotels will be listed in the Accommodation page of EuroCG 2012. One can directly contact them to reserve a room.

Program - Open Problem List

9:00 Open problem session
10:20 coffee break
10:40 working in groups
12:30 lunch break
13:30 work groups
14:40 coffee break
15:00 official end of the meeting; more than half of the participants will stay overnight; so they can
continue group work till the evening

Travel Information, Bus to Rome airport

see the web page of EuroCG for directions.

At 3 p.m. there will be a bus to the Airport Fiumicino, to arrive by 6 p.m. The bus can take around 17-18 people. Currently there are 12 people who want to take this bus.

List of Participants


IP1 - Advanced Voronoi structures and Delaunay structures, Graz

  • Wolfgang Aigner
  • Gernot Walzl

IP2 - Medial axis computation; geometric approximation, Linz

  • Birgit Strodthoff

AP3 - Geometric spanner graphs and geometric networks, Brussels

  • Stefan Langerman
  • Luis Felipe Barba
  • Greg Aloupis

IP4 - Voronoi diagrams for shape matching, Berlin

  • Günter Rote, FU Berlin, Germany
  • Rafel Jaume, FU Berlin, Germany
  • Tillmann Miltzow, FU Berlin, Germany

IP5 - Abstract Voronoi diagrams; area of Voronoi regions, Bonn

  • Cecilia Bohler, Bonn (suggested talk: Abstract Voronoi diagrams with disconnected regions)
  • Rainer Penninger, Bonn
  • Rolf Klein, Bonn

IP6 - Neighborhood graphs for large point sets, Warsaw

  • Miroslaw Kowaluk, University of Warsaw

IP7 - Hausdorff Voronoi diagrams for clusters of objects; higher-order Voronoi diagrams of polygonal objects, Lugano

  • Evanthia Papadopoulou, U Lugano, Switzerland.
  • Panos Cheilaris, U Lugano, Switzerland
  • Maksym Zavershynskyi, U Lugano, Switzerland

From ComPoSe

  • Jean Cardinal (Brussels)
  • Oswin Aichholzer (Graz)
  • Alexander Pilz (Graz)
  • Birgit Vogtenhuber (Graz)
  • Viola Mészáros (Berlin)
  • Carlos Seara (Barcelona)
  • Michael Hoffmann (Zürich)
  • Ferran Hurtado (Barcelona)
  • Inmaculada Ventura (Sevilla)
  • José Miguel Díaz-Báńez (Sevilla)
  • Vincent Kuster (Zürich)
  • Matias Korman (Barcelona)
  • Rodrigo Silveira (Barcelona)
  • Vera Sacristán (Barcelona)
  • [ Pavel Valtr (Prague)? ]

From GraDr


  • Jan Kratochvil, Prague
  • Maria Saumell, Prague
  • Torsten Ueckerdt, Prague
  • Thomas Vyskocil, Prague
  • Martin Balko (Prague)


  • Stefan Felsner (Berlin)
  • Kolja Knauer (Berlin)


  • Michael Hoffmann (Zürich)
  • Vincent Kusters (Zürich)


  • Piotr Micek (Krakow)
  • Bartosz Walczak (Krakow)

From GreGAS

  • Nino Basic, Ljubljana
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